Founder & Chairman, Beijing East-West Intl Travel Service Co Ltd, 2003-now
Founder & CEO, Beijing Overseas Solutions Co Ltd, 2008-now
Floor 5, Haichang Tower, 44 Liang Ma Qiao Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing 100125
Chief Operator & Coordinator in China area, People To People International, 2000-2003
Grand Pacific Building, Jia 8, Guanghua Dong Lu Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing
Tour guide & senior manager, China Intl Travel Service H.O, 1990-2000
CITS Building, 1 Dongdan Bei Dajie St, Dongcheng, Beijing 100005
Interpreter & Assistant of the Director of HR & Administration Dept, An Tai Bao Coal Mine, August 1989-April 1990
An Tai Bao, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, P R China
Technician, Xi’an Aero-Engine (Group) Ltd, July 1983-August 1985
Xu Jia Wan, Xi’an City, P R China
B.A. degree, July 1989 from Beijing No 2 Foreign Studies Institute
No 1, Ding Fu Zhuang, Beijing
Major Subject: English; Minor Subject: Translation
Graduate, July 1983 from Xi’an Areotechnical College
No 259, Xi Er Huan, Xi’an, China
Major Subject: Machining
In 1964, I was born in a small village in northwest China. The 10 years of the Cultural Revolution occurred during my childhood. The disaster engraved a deep scar in my young mind. It was my grand mother, who, running fast on her bound-feet, sheltered and fed me and my four brothers with her plain philosophy-the good will win.
As one of the top three graduates from the junior secondary school in my county, I enrolled in Xi’an Aero-technical College in 1979. To help my parents, I had to shorten my schooling and to earn bread earlier in order to support my four younger brothers. I graduated in 1983 and then was assigned a job in the state-owned Xi’an Aero-Engine (Group) Ltd. My experience in this factory demonstrated the style of China’s central planning system.
In 1985, my good academic accumulation enabled me to pass the China National College Entry Examination with a good score and I chose English as my major because of Chinese open-door policy which encourages China to be part of the international community.
As English major, I discovered that “the Oxford Advanced Dictionary of Current English Learners” described the “panda” as inhabiting in Tibet. After many studies on this subject, I wrote a letter to the editors of the dictionary to report my finding which is quite different from the dictionary. The new edition of the dictionary accepted my correction. I then sent the story to the People’s Daily.  The People’s Daily paid me a small sum, with which I invited my classmates for dinner.
During April-July 1988, I was lucky, as a student, to be able to work as the assistant Liaison officer & interpreter for Cho Oyo (the No 6th Highest mountain peak in the world) Mountaineering expedition in Tibet. The beauty of Tibet inspired my ambition to travel and finally resulted in my working in the travel industry. But the suppression over the June 4 Democratic Movement in 1989 when I graduated destroyed Chinese tourism. To make a living I went to the far-away coal mine located in the remote Shanxi Province. This coal mine was a Joint Venture between China and Occidental Petroleum (USA) and also the largest open-pit coal mine in the world. The joint venture is listed in the case study textbook for Harvard Business School now. I could have become a coal industry leader very soon there but the travel business was more inviting to a young person. So I returned to Beijing in March 1990 and then started my 10 years’ service for China International Travel Service (CITS) H. O.
CITS offered me a platform to achieve: 1) to be a top professional in the travel business; 2) to be a high-income earner; 3) to be a believer of the free market system. I then resigned from CITS and started to build my own business in 2001.
In 2005, I finally acquired the license and founded East-West Intl Travel. East-West Travel is growing into one of the top brands in Beijing city. In our strategy, North America is the most important destination for East-West.
The goal of Beijing Overseas Solutions Co is, with East-West Travel, to build up the first comprehensive overseas service solutions provider in China.
My personal web is influential in China:
孩子纯真的想法深深地触动了我。于是在随后的日子里,我十几次赴美,看过无数的学校,接触过许多的学生和家长,甚至还专程拜访了著名的虎妈-AMY CHUA,期望给儿子的教育找到最理想的出路。路漫漫其休远兮,屈原老师的话,特别符合我当时奔波的心境,我甚至认为这话就是屈老师给他的子女找学校时说的。我上下求索的结果,是在接近知天命的年龄,做出了一个近乎疯狂的举动:把家安在了美国。在美国过日子,使我有机会对美国社会进行了一次零距离的观察和感受。这也许是当初来美时不曾预料到的最大的收获。
Good scores is meaningful for a moment
It is ability that promises the future
Scores and ability should grow side by side
The course is a ladder for climbing
The result is the door to success
Result is important, so is the course
Do not let children lose at the starting line
However where is this line?
On campus
Or on the top of the world
The humble poetry of the above is the expression of my experience to study the American education. In August 2010, with the help of friends, I sent my old son, Tony, to a summer program in California, USA. On the third day after his arrival, Tony asked me if there was a way to let him stay in the United States to go to school. He said he was very fond of the American classroom. I teased him how can you manage your schooling with your poor English. It was not a pure ridicule, but because Tony’s big headache in his school in Beijing was English. Therefore I often joked with him: Never tell your teacher that your father learned English because your father doesn’t want to lose his face. But I realized Tony was obviously very serious this time to talk me. He then wrote English emails to me to show that he would have no problem with English. My wife and I felt so curious about why the American schools have so much charm. The innocent ideas of a boy struck me deeply. So in the following days, I visited America for more than ten times having seen many schools and talking to many students and parents, and even paid a visit to the famous tiger mom, AMY CHUA. “I will never stop searching even the road ahead is zigzagging endless…” The Greatest Chinese poet’s words reflected my mind and I guess that was the reflection of his mood as looking for schools for his children. As a result, at the age of being wise (as Confucius indicated), I made a crazy decision to move my family to the United States. Living here gives me the chance to feel the pulse without distance of American society. This is perhaps the biggest gain unanticipated when I moved.
I have stuck to the travel industry since stepping out the college and have become the only lonely watchman. There had been many offers for me to switch careers but I never surrendered because I can’t resist the fatal temptation of the travel industry: there are so many opportunities to share with a stranger your journey. Is life itself a long journey? Yes. So sharing a journey means to share a life. To share a life is the best way to extend life, isn’t it? , So once again I adhere this creed to Great Travel: to share my experience in America with my clients. Even though I know, I will be a lonely watchman again.
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